The Best Hummingbird Feeder You Can Buy!

Why hummingbirds prefer this feeder

Because this feeder keeps your hummingbirds safe from dangerous wasps and polluted nectar from dead ants, hummingbirds tend to prefer this feeder over other feeders.

Why this is the Best feeder

If you're tired of trying to clean poorly designed feeders and you're losing the battle with ants and wasps, make a change and get the feeder that's easy to clean and win the ant & wasp battle.  Your hummingbirds will thank you!

Which style is Best for You

Different types of hummingbirds have different feeding habits. Even the samekind of hummingbirds feed differently in different areas.  The Style, Size & Placement page, makes it easy to figure out which feeder would be best for you.

Feeders in Action