The Best Hummingbird Feeder You Can Buy!

The Best Feeder You Can Buy

Donna M.

Twinsburg, Ohio

"I'm so pleased with the feeder I purchased a couple years ago that I had to have another one.  This is an easy fill and easy clean feeder with a well in the center to deter ants.  Better than bottle feeders where the only way to clean them is with bleach water and a baby bottle brush.  What a hassle.  And how do you clean the base of those feeders??  The Lil Sweety hummingbird feeder comes apart so one drop of dish soap can clean the whole thing.  I do rinse it with a little vinegar water to eliminate any soap residue.  I can't say enough about this feeder.  Thanks so much for coming back to the Great Big Home & Garden show.  I bought my second feeder from you yesterday."

Ron G.

Evansville, TN

Our son in Brentwood as well as [my wife & I] in Evansville are still using these feeders. When they are made as well as these feeders are, you have to have a hard time selling more. They are an outstanding feeder. Easy to clean and use. We really like them.”

Ron G.
Past American Orchid Society Trustee
Bird Photographer
National Audubon
Birds Cornell Lab

William T.

Cranberry, WI

It's awesome. We get so many comments on it and always tell them where we got it.”

Joan R.

Waverly, Ohio

"I’ve been battling wasps at my hummingbird feeders over the past few years. When I came upon the “The Hummingbird Feeder” booth, at a garden show last year, I was sold! Number One, they’re Wasp Proof! They're also much easier to clean. It doesn’t matter what color they are (I now have three different colors!). The hummers will come as long as their clear sugar water is fresh!  These feeders are the best!"

(FYI: On the "About" page, The photo of the blue feeder, with the patriotic little hummingbird, was taken by Joan R.)

Erin S.

Ann Arbor, MI

I have tried attracting hummingbirds for years. For the first time, using the Lil Sweety feeder, I have hummingbirds all through the summer. And it's so easy to clean!”

Carol Z.

Moscow, Ohio

I love these feeders. They work great. We get lots of hummingbirds. The feeders don't fade and they're very durable. And, if you ever have a problem, customer service is fabulous.”

Leslie D.

Cincinnati, OH

"Love it and so do my hummers!!!"

Lynn W.

Atlanta, GA

"I hung the feeder among two hanging containers, of flowers that attract hummingbirds, and we had hummingbirds in the garden all summer.”

Lowell H.

Phoenix, AZ

"I have had the Garden Mounted feeder in my back yard for years. It looks great and the hummingbirds love it. These feeders are super easy to maintain. In our area we have hummingbirds year round, and it's real joy."

Hank H.

New Providence, PA

For many years, I have tried to attract at least one hummingbird using the feeders one would find in the big box home centers. I even went to dedicated birding stores. The feeders all “looked pretty”. I tried glass bottled reservoirs that were upside down filling a tray. Ones that looked like cornucopias, pretty flower shapes, etc.

Then came the Li’l Sweety Hummingbird Feeder. Designed by David Dault, his “Hum Sweet Hum” fit the bill for me. In fact, I now have four of the five different colors of feeders in use. The multiple ports arranged from the top in a honeycomb pattern allowed for the hummers to “decide” which port they’ll feed from. I now wasn’t limited to three or four little flowers with holes I didn’t think even the narrow beak would get through to the mixture. In the past, I struggled for the patience to see ONE hummer. I now have at least two at a time (this past Summer 2018) “fighting” over which feeder will be used.

And cleaning? The feeders are SO easy to clean. I choose to hand wash them, even though they’re dishwasher safe.

If you want to see results attracting these sometimes “elusive” creatures, get a Li’l Sweety Feeder!”