Hummingbird Feeders


The revolutionary hummingbird feeder that eliminates everything you hate about hummingbird feeders.  Now in SIX stunning colors!


Our Extra Large hummingbird feeder can handle a LOT of hummingbirds.  If you're feeding a swarm of hummingbirds, this size is for you. Please check below to see which size is best...

Why this feeder is the BEST


Wasps are hummingbird enemy #1

The raised feeding ports on our feeders make the nectar too far away for wasps (aka: yellow jackets) to have an interest. Hummingbirds' tongues are twice the length of their beaks so they have no problem reaching the bottom of the feeder. Learn more...

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Make sure their food source isn't polluted.

The built-in ant 'moat' is the perfect barrier for ants. No need to add anything but clean water.

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Do they have to be red?

Hummingbirds need calories all the time. So they can't afford to be picky about the color of nectar-producing flowers.  What flowers do you have that your hummingbirds like?  Most likely, they're not all red.

Many people confuse “attract” with “feed.  Hummingbirds are naturally attracted to flowers.  Particularly, flowers that produce nectar.  Right now you're probably muttering, 'Well, what flowers attract hummingbirds???'  We could prattle on about different flowers but your local nursery has the BEST advice.

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Does size matter?

YES.  NO.  Well, maybe...

Our normal size feeder, the Lil Sweety

Holds about 12 ounces, which is perfect for most of us who are feeding 10, or fewer, hummingbirds.  More feeders are better than one large one, especially for very territorial hummingbirds.

Our Extra Large feeder

Our biggest feeder holds about 24 ounces.  If you’re filling your feeders daily, or every other day, the XL Feeder might be right for you and your hummingbirds.

A larger feeder will not get more hummingbirds and you'll still have that bossy bird, hogging the feeder.  The larger feeder accommodates those fortunate people who are already feeding dozens of hummingbirds.

The 12oz Lil Sweety feeder may be perfect for you if, like most of us mortals, you’re feeding less than 7, or so, hummingbirds and they won't share.

The XL Hummingbird Feeder isn’t for everyone but it may be just what you need if you’ve got lots of hummingbirds. Just don't rub our noses in it, OK??

Watch them up close with a window hanger.

Those bold little sprites will come right up to the window to use your feeder.  Don't be surprised if you get a hummingbird looking right at you, through your window, to let you know the feeder is empty.

This beautiful and durable Suction Cup Window Hanger holds up to 4 lbs and is made in the USA.  Not that your hummingbirds give a hoot about where it’s made but we know you do.

You can have a feeder IN the garden

Our Pole Mount Adapter allows you put your feeder anywhere you can put a vertical pole or post. In your garden, yard, or on your deck/patio.

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DIY tips for the Pole Mount Adapter...

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