Covered Nesting Kit:

Covered nesting material kit is perfect for offering nesting material to your hummingbirds. The beautiful copper roof is great for rain and the large bail makes it easy to hang on branches, or just about anywhere. What's more, it comes pre-filled with all natural cotton nesting material that's completely safe for birds. No long fibers or chemicals. Of course, refills are available, too. Sure, it'll work for suet but we're pretty much hummingbird minded here. 6-1/2" x 6-1/4" x 2"


Hummingbird Bling Swing

While hummingbirds are super fast and active in flight, they all must rest. Contrary to what many people think, hummingbirds perch 30-80% of every day. Providing perches for hummingbirds is a simple and easy way to invite them to stay a little longer in your yard. If you're a little short on shrubs or trees for nearby perches, a swing might be just what they need to keep a close eye on that feeder. These are the same, super tough material as our feeders. They are UV stable so they won't fade, shrink, crack, or deteriorate. And, of course, they have our unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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