Lil Sweety Feeder (12oz)

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12oz Hummingbird Feeder

The Lil Sweety is the perfect size feeder for most situations.

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The revolutionary hummingbird feeder that eliminates what you don’t like about feeding hummingbirds.

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Classic Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Cranberry, Cobalt

8 reviews for Lil Sweety Feeder (12oz)

  1. Mary-Anne Erwin

    We have had two of these feeders for two years now and they are still as nice as the day we bought them. These feeders are not only very easy to fill but they are just as easy to clean. When the feeder gets low I just put them in some hot soapy water and they are as good as new and ready to fill and put back outside. The other thing we love about these feeders is that the moat keeps the ants and bugs at bay. We have enjoyed many hours sitting on our front porch and watching the hummingbirds fight over getting to the feeders. My husband is a photographer and has gotten many amazing pictures of these beautiful creatures! These feeders are exactly as described to us. We were NOT disappointed!! As a matter of fact we were so impressed with these feeders we told all our friends to be sure to get one for themselves. They are so durable I have no doubt we will continue to enjoy these birds for many years to come. I would recommend you get one too. You will NOT be disappointed!

  2. Jean Seay

    My sister and I were at the Cleveland Home and Garden show in Feb. When we saw your booth we were thrilled because my sister wanted a feeder (I bought one last year) and my sister bought two so our Mom could have one too. It is the most
    attractive, easy to fill, easy to clean hummingbird feeder on the market today. It is well constructed and doesn’t get brittle after being in the sun all summer like other feeders on the market. Do yourself a favor, throw away all your old feeders and get one of these. They are marvelous!

  3. Karen

    This hummingbird feeder is the best! Very easy to fill and clean, you will have many visitors at one time. I now have two feeders, one for the front yard and one for the back.

  4. Earl Ingram

    I have 2 of these feeders as well as 2 other brands. This is the most user friendly feeder that I have and by far the easiest to clean and maintain. I have videos of as many as 6 hummingbirds at one time on my feeders so I know they attract hummingbirds as well. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to attract hummingbirds.

  5. Amy Babbert

    I bought my feeder last year at the Columbus Home and Garden show. I love how easy it is to fill and clean! My hummers loved it too!

  6. Shelli U.

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love the feeder I bought at the Cleveland Home and Garden Show several years ago. It is by far the easiest feeder to use and to clean and and get TON of hummingbirds that visit it. I would highly recommend this feeder to anyone, it’s easy to fill, and attracts multiple birds at a time. I even had a raccoon take it apart once and this durable feeder was unharmed. It’s also comforting to know there is a lifetime guarantee.

  7. Emily Troy (verified owner)

    If you don’t have one of these please get one! I have had one for several years and I love it . The Hummers come all the time to it. I had a red one and now I’ve just ordered a purple one also . They love to feed off of these and are drawn to them. I hang mine right under my porch. They like it there so I thought I would buy a purple feeder to go with the red. That should really draw them. I also love that here are no bugs around them. I love these and I know, if there were more in my area, they would sure sell. So buy one of these today. You will not be sorry. They will last forever and it is a good investment if you love hummingbirds around you!

    • The Hummingbird Feeder

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Emily. We hear this a lot but sure never get tired of it! Our hummingbirds don’t care what color we use but my personal favorite is the purple. Wait, no, the fuchsia. I can’t decide!

  8. Ken Kolbe

    We purchased one at the Garden Expo in Madison a few years ago. We were hoping to get another this year but sadly we missed seeing you. Online we will soon be!!

    • The Hummingbird Feeder

      Hopefully we can be there next year.

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